Our Divisions

At MMG Brands, we channel our trendsetting expertise into a diverse array of consumer product categories. Each division is driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, ensuring that we meet the dynamic needs of consumers with enthusiasm and excellence. Explore our exciting range of products across six key categories:


Award-Winning Fun for Everyone: Our Toys division excels in crafting engaging plush toys and a variety of impulse play items that captivate and entertain. Recognized for our commitment to quality and safety, our toys have garnered numerous awards, reflecting our expertise in creating products that delight both children and adults. Each toy is designed to offer engaging, tactile play experiences that bring joy and entertainment to every moment.


Enhancing Pet Care and Lifestyle: Pets are cherished members of the family, and our Pets division reflects this in every product we create. From innovative toys that keep pets active to luxury comfort items that ensure their well-being, our offerings cater to all aspects of pet care with a focus on quality and safety.


Transforming Special Occasions: At MMG Brands, our Celebrations division goes beyond traditional party supplies to offer truly innovative and interactive products. We create items that make every event memorable, engaging guests in ways that elevate their experience. From interactive decor that reacts to guests’ actions to novel celebration gadgets that add fun and flair, our products are designed to transform any occasion into an extraordinary celebration. Trust MMG Brands to bring creativity and excitement to your special events, making them unforgettable.


Trendy Comfort for Everyday Living: Our Fashion division at MMG Brands champions the fusion of style and functionality. We offer a range of fashionable items designed to enhance both comfort and style in everyday life. From cozy, versatile apparel to chic, practical accessories, our products cater to contemporary tastes while delivering comfort and convenience. Perfect for those who value fashion that not only looks good but also provides practical benefits, our line ensures you stay stylish in any setting.


Innovative Gadgets for the Modern Lifestyle: At MMG Brands, our Tech/Novelty division is dedicated to enhancing your digital experience with cutting-edge accessories. We specialize in creating products that are not only highly functional but also embody the latest trends in technology and design. Whether it’s powering your devices on the go or adding a touch of convenience to your daily activities, our gadgets are designed to integrate seamlessly into the modern lifestyle. Our offerings cater to tech enthusiasts and trendsetters alike, bringing both excitement and functionality to the forefront of technological innovation.